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About Us

Ecomax belongs to Chou Qin Group, which is established in 2007 and spealized in R&D and manufacturing of biodegradable plastic and its products. 1O years ago when we started this work, we realized that what we are doing is a great thing. We have gone through dramatic climate deterioration during China’s great development in these years. This has hurt our heart. Thus we have been preserving in biodegradable plastic R&D though in this 10 years ECOMAX is a division which doesn’t make any profit due to high cost. Now, after 10 years’ development, our fully biodegradable plastic’s performance is nearly the same as traditional plastic like PE, PP, PS, ABS etc. What’s more important is the cost has cut down to an affordable range by technology innovation. Some products even have the same cost as normal plastics. Besides, except raw material R&D and manufacturing, our group has merged or became shareholder of some film manufacturer and injection companies, which make us be able to turn customer’s idea into real products.